From The Tip of The Nose to The Tip Of The Tail

The Pet Rat

Rats make great pets. They are a great choice for first time pet owners as well as experienced pet owners. I have 2 pet rats, and have had and known many pet rats in the past. This site will give you information on how to care for your pet rat if you have one, and helpful hints on choosing a rat if wish to get one. First things first, make sure you can take good care of a rat. They are easy to take care, but as all pets, they take responsibilty. Rats make great pets for kids too, so if you're considering a pet for your child, this may be a good site for you. Thank You. Enjoy, and learn lots!!! Love RATS!!! Many people think rats are discusting, dirty creatures, but as pets, they are not. Most people who believe this have never had a pet rat.