From The Tip of The Nose to The Tip Of The Tail
Females do better in pairs.
Males are good in pairs too, but they are better alone than females are.
Rats are very social animals, and unlike some rodents, they will not get sick from too much handling. 
Rats enjoy riding on shoulders, or in your sweater and pockets. Some rats will nest on your hair and sleep there during the day. Rats are technecly nocternal, but they often adjust to there owner's schedule and will awake during the day to play while people are around. Females are usually more active than males, but all rats love to play. 
Rats also need things to chew on, as their teeth are constantly growing. They enjoy chewing wood, stale bread, and other hard objects to wear down their teeth. Always be sure you have enough room for all of your rats, if you have too many and the cage is not big enough, the larger, stronger rats may begin to eat the smaller, weaker ones, esspecially if there is not enough food to go around. Rats, like people have different personalities, it is important to get to know your rat, this will help you to take the best care of your pet rat. All living creatures need love, so be sure to love your rat, and (s)he will love you back!!!!

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