Rats, like People and many other animals are Omnivores - From The Tip of The Nose to The Tip Of The Tail
From The Tip of The Nose to The Tip Of The Tail
rats love treats, but baby rats tend to like the regular rat food better (except for bread, they love bread)
Cat food is also good for babies, as well as all females, esspecially pregnant females
 When you get a rat, get the food with that has seeds and stuff, most rats like that better, they like variety, then check to see what your rat seems to like better,
if it eats mostly everything, that is the right food, if it eats mostly just the seeds and stuff, and not so much the little pellets, it is the right food, if it eats mostly the
pellets, then you may consider swithing to an all pellet food.
Also they need there food changed everyday, and should only be given the amount they can consume in the day
If you feed you rat, and the next day it hasn't eaten it all, feed it a little less,
if the food is gone in less than a day, feed it a little more food next time,
you may have to experiment with this until
you find the right amount for your rat
and babies tend to eat more than adults because they are still growing.
Here are some healthy treats you can feed rats
Meal Worms
Cooked pasta
Raw vegetables
Raw fruits
Dog biscuits
Cooked white rice
Whole wheat flakes
 Pumpkin seeds
Green Beans
Rats also like these foods, but they should be given less often, as they are not as healthy, they are not harmful to rats, but they are kind of like, junk food, you know, it's ok to have a little bit everyonce in a while, as long as you eat lots of the healthy stuff:
Dark chocolate (only dark chocolate, other types, such as milk chocolate can be poisonous to rats)
Oranges (and homemade orange juice, but never orange juice from the store)
fast food
Sweetened cereals
Cookies (no choclate chips, unless they are dark chocolate)

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