How Long Your Pet Rat May Live - From The Tip of The Nose to The Tip Of The Tail
From The Tip of The Nose to The Tip Of The Tail
Rats can live about 5 years, if you look it up, most people say they live about 2-3 years, but most of the rats I've known have proved them wrong
Mice live about 1-2 years, but rats live longer. Some rats can live up to 6-8 years, if they have extremely well health
Their cages should be cleaned once a week, if they are they won't smell much, and the rat will be much happier and healthier.
 If your rat only lives 2-3 years, do not worry. This is truly the life span of many pet rats. I just wanted to let you all know that many, many rats live longer than that. If your rat doen't live that long, it is NOT because you were a bad owner.

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